At the exit of the road that goes to the neighboring town of Salvatierra de Santiago, we find a place full of beauty, knowledge and traditions and some good places, because there are many good times spent in this environment generation after generation.

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Here we have a large well that served to supply the batteries they used. There were several types, as some were used for washing and others were used mainly for animals to drink.

The well is very large, about 3 m in diameter. It has an enclosure on one side with a large granite slab with an inscription on which the date 1877 is written. Three basins are preserved, one of them with the appropriate shape to place the wood on which it was scrubbed. In the past there were more.

The whole is worth a visit, with the surrounding orchards, the stream and the grove of trees suggest the beginning of a pleasant walk. There is a small bridge that is used to cross to the other side in the rainy season, because although it looks like a small stream, when it picks up water it is difficult to cross.

It is like a public washhouse that is built outdoors, already on the edges of the town and where we already have contact with the natural space….