Montánchez road cross

Originally it had the two steps that we see, but not long ago some intervention has been carried out in order to secure the overall construction.

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Its typology is similar to the Cruz del Humilladero. It is located on the old road to Montánchez

The most important works have been carried out recently with the elevation of the cross by means of the construction of a circular step that allows it to rise, even more, over the two original quadrangular steps of the cross, the shaft is smooth, monolithic, granite. It rises on a cubic base of the same material and ending in a Tuscan collar and capital on which the stone cross rests.

We can date this cross, like the one previously studied, to the 17th century.

The Christian character of the monument is combined with the function of limiting the urban center of the town. The original origin of these manifestations should be sought in the Vetonean cultures and other pre-Roman peoples.