In the present cemetery, the remains of the hermitage of San Sebastian are preserved, the great arch that separated the nave from the apse and the apse. The main chapel with a semicircular apse stands out, although it is very irregular, something that is reflected on the exterior with a vault and buttresses.

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Botija Cemetery. Remains of the hermitage of Santos Mártires San Fabián and San Sebastián.

The Botija Cemetery is an example of a cemetery, where beautiful pantheons and funeral chapels flourish. In addition, there is a separate area for those families who choose to bury the ashes of their deceased loved one.

In the first quarter of the twentieth century the municipal cemetery was installed there. The architectural remains that remain show a construction made of masonry and reinforced with some stone buttresses. At the head of the old chapel, the only form that has been preserved, a pointed arch in stone, which makes its chronology can be framed in the fifteenth century approximately.