The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary

The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.
The other festivities that take place in the summer are the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, on August 11, 12 and 13, and are the ones that have more participation among the residents of the town, because in August Botija is filled with people who come on vacation. Throughout the week there are different events for adults and children such as children’s games, soccer tournaments, exhibitions, ginkanas,… The 12th begins with a Eucharist followed by an offertory where typical local products are auctioned. At night the popular verbenas are celebrated in the Plaza Mayor.




On November 23, 1904, the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary was canonically and civilly founded in the church of Botija. As stated in its Constitutions, the founders of this religious congregation set as their sole objective to promote the worship and devotion to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and to attend to their needs. spiritual and corporal to all the congregants, in the form and manner stated in its regulatory constitutions.201. This Congregation was led by the parish priest of the village, as spiritual director, a lay president chosen from among the most worthy and pious people of Botija, a treasurer, a secretary, wardens and wardens, and the congregating Brothers.202.


In Article VI. 2º says textually “Solemn feast in honor of the Sacred Hearts on the first Sunday of September of each year….”


This would be the origin of the feast of Los Corazones, in fact until the 70s of the twentieth century the celebration took place on the first Sunday of September. After the demographic drain caused by the emigration of the 60’s and 70’s, the date of the celebration was moved several times, so that those who had to emigrate could be present. Currently the festival takes place during the first fortnight of August.


As an example of the importance of the Sacred Hearts in Botija are some of the annotations that appear in the minute books of the town hall:


27-08-1926. It is resolved that the Sacred Heart of Jesus be enthroned in these City Halls on October 3. An image costing 40 pesetas has been purchased.


30-09-58. the city council pays 692 pesetas for the civic festivities of Sacred Hearts Day.


21-07-1959 the city council pays Francisco Heras 1400 pesetas for an image of the Heart of Jesus in baroque style, to be enthroned in the city hall.


30-09-1960. the city council pays 360 pesetas for the receptions given to the authorities on the feast of the Sacred Hearts.